Thursday, January 6, 2011

Loving... Julia Randall's Oral Fixations

I was perusing New York Art Magazine a few months ago and happily stumbled upon the fantastic colored pencil drawings of Julia Randall. Hard to believe that this life-life renderings of lips and tongues, at times a bit unnerving and at others bizarrely surreal, are created by same tools I struggled to make birthday cards with for my parents as a child! I find Randall's use of negative space so clever and intriguing- at times even funny. The lips and tongues are incredibly expressive and I find myself staring at them- wondering what induced such a contortion. Randall, along with creating her art is an Assistant Professor of Art at Wesleyan University- my guess is, her classes are a blast. Perhaps not for everyone, but I'd certainly LOVE to have one of these fabulous drawings hanging in my room!

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