Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LOVE... Royalty and Their Jewelry

Princess Diana

Dame Elizabeth Taylor

Princess Grace of Monaco

Ever since Kate Middleton's engagement to the handsome Prince William, who by the way had my heart from ages 6-11 (then I naturally switched allegiance to the more rebellious Harry), I have found myself ruminating over the luxury of having an endless supply of gorgeous jewelry. Whilst bing-ing (it's the new google for those of you who haven't tried!) all kinds of fabulous jewelry keywords I stumbled upon a posting from one my favorite sites, 1st Dibs (, and was thrilled to discover that I was not alone in my piqued jewelry-centric curiosities. The incredibly stylish site revealed what is sure to be a fantastic exhibit being held at San Francisco's Legion of Honor called "Cartier and America" where oodles of gorgeous gems will be on display including ones worn by Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly. Needless to say, this discovery led to a days worth of jewelry perusing. Today I'll share the gasp-worthy pieces of jewelry worn by the seriously fabulous women throughout history! I've never been one to believe that diamonds are a girl's best friend, preferring the motto about dogs being man's best friend, but today's post has me re-thinking my stance (no offense to Edith, my precious canine best friend)!

The People's Princess, who let's face it had a jewelry collection that
hardly resembled any common man's...

Princess Diana on her wedding day donning the Spencer Family Tiara...

The shy Lady Di wearing her gorgeous diamond and sapphire engagement ring...

A somber princess wearing Spencer Family Tiar and necklace...

The gorgeous pearl and diamond Queen Mary tiara...

The princess wearing a sapphire choker two ways...
(top) The 80s glam headband (bottom) traditional with matching sapphire earrings

Same trend, new choker. This time the princess wears her emerald choker...
(top) Trendy whilst dancing with Charles (bottom) Traditional stepping out in green

Elizabeth Taylor... Ok, not official royalty, but she was made a Dame.
Also, whose life is more filled with jewelry than hers?!

The infamous Taylor-Burton Diamond
The 69.42 carat diamond was a gift from Richard Burton to his then wife Elizabeth Taylor in 1969. It had been cut from a rough diamond weighing 241 carats found in South Africa into a pear shape by jeweler Harry Winston. Burton presented the stone to the gem-loving actress as a ring, but she later had it reset in a necklace which she wore for the first time to Princess Grace of Monaco's 4oth birthday! Also, leave it to Elizabeth to do good with the goods- post-split with Burton, Taylor auctioned off the diamond for $5 million and donated the funds to charity- what a gal!

The gorgeous Elizabeth donning the diamond on a drop style necklace
(top) great close up of the gem (bottom) at the Oscars with her then husband Richard Burton

Another famed set of jewelry- a present from then husband Mike Todd
The Cartier diamond and ruby necklace & earrings were rumored to have been given to the beauty for swimming laps in the pool!

She may not have been Royalty, but Elizabeth wore royal jewels with true style.
This necklace, named the La Peregrina Pearl necklace dates all the way back to 1513 and was worn by several Queens throughout history, including Queen Mariana of Spain back in the late 1500s.

Taylor flashing the enormous 33.19 Krupp Diamond
Another present from Richard Burton, this flawless diamond was according to Elizabeth, "my prize for beating Richard at ping-pong!"

(top) a side-view of the large stone.
(bottom) Elizabeth wearing the ring... one that rarely leaves her finger even today

Grace Kelly Princess of Monaco...
Who is more beautiful and elegant than this one? The Princess had impeccable taste, and was loyal to her jeweler of choice, Van Cleef and Arpels, who created nearly all of the beauties gems. What can I say? I love her to pieces...

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III on their wedding day...
Her gorgeous engagement ring, by Van Cleef and Arpels of course...

This pearl necklace with matching bracelet and earrings was
a gift from Rainier on their wedding day!
A close up of the gorgeous earrings...

A tiara by who else? Van Cleef and Arpels... that the Princess wore
to her daughter Caroline's wedding.

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