Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love... My all-time Favorite Miles Redd

The handsome Miles Redd...

There are few people on this planet more adorable or talented than Miles Redd. The young and handsome interior designer has been a favorite of mine for some time and I feel it is a duty to share his genius with the world, that is if they aren't already familiar, as he's been making huge waves in the design world as of late- in 2003 he was named Creative Director of Oscar de la Renta home and has been featured in oodles of home decor mags since!

Redd has a great aesthetic- inventive and lively he mixes prints, uses bright color and adds incredible texture to rooms (think laquered walls, velvet couches and fur rugs). His designs, although bold and modern are also balanced with traditional elements. He may have a bit of Mary Mcdonald in him, but unlike her pristinely nearly-over-decorated rooms, Redd's also channel the likes of Albert Hadley and even a bit of Madeline Castaing resulting in comfortable rooms that feel inviting, lived in and effortlessly filled to the brim with stylish treasures!

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