Friday, December 3, 2010

Loathe... Bloomingdale's Christmas Windows

The flat screen holiday display at Bloomingdale's

Pretty, but a little flat... pun intended

another angle...

Finally, the holiday season is in full swing. The city streets are lighted with tiny white bulbs, wreaths hang on doors, evergreen trees are sold at the farmer's market in place of pumpkins and gourds and Christmas music is playing in every establishment you enter. But perhaps best of all retailers have revealed their Holiday window displays! Walks home are instantly transformed from rather artless ventures to lengthy meanderings, where entranced in the intricacies of the windows, you have no choice but to pop in and shop!

While many windows exceeded my expectations, instantly transporting me to that special place where anything is possible and credit card limits don't exist, Bloomingdale's windows failed to even cause a pitter-patter of retail delight. Dressing their windows with numerous flat screens Bloomingdale's gave a nod to the future, but this mod display felt cold and impersonal. The ultra-contemporary LCD screens didn't seem to embrace what the holidays are about and perhaps I am too much of a traditionalist, but I longed for something tangible and cheerful to lure me in, couldn't they have at least thrown in a little drummer boy?

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  1. Your explanations, comparisons and descriptions of the window displays are amazing! They make me feel like I’m there and not in stl where window displays not exist...

    Love your posts Jenny! Keep them coming!