Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Loathe... Balenciaga's Spring 2011 Shoe Collection

Balenciaga, Spring 2011

I am a big fan of Balenciaga, so it pains me to associate the label in my loathe section; however, the shoe collection they presented this spring was a bit unforgivable (as a Pisces, this is a harsh sentence...). Although they had some wearable, redeeming sandals, for the most part Balenciaga presented a strange Kurt Cobain meets "The Fifth Element" inspired collection that was neither aesthetically pleasing or flattering. There are few things less appealing than, after a winter full of trudging about in heavy boots, being greeted by spring with combat-style-loafers. Sure, there were glimmers of success but the severely cumbersome collection left me longing for a pair of bright and cheerful pink stiletto sandals... and I don't even like pink.

perfect for your first day of clown school?

a little retro... I did love saddle shoes as a child...

A tad orthopedic, no?

umm is that a clog?

images courtesy of www.sunrainey.com and www.talkshoes.com

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