Sunday, November 7, 2010

Loathe of the day...Ai WeiWei's Latest Predicament

Ai WeiWei's Template


Chandelier, 2002

Cube Light

Forever Bicycles

The artist/activist.

I hate to get political with the first loathe post; however, I couldn't stop thinking about this all week and had to share! Ai WeiWei, the famed Chinese artist and activist, most known for his work on the Bird's Nest building for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, was braving the Chinese government's decision to demolish his newly built studio in Shanghai with gumption and a bit of humor, choosing to throw a huge bash in the building prior to its destruction. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! Unfortunately, Shanghai officials found WeiWei's party less amusing and placed the artist under arrest in Beijing halting his satirical celebration. WeiWei's arrest reinforces existing tensions between the artist and the Chinese government- following a previous arrest the artist was hospitalized after some severe brutality was endured. So, although WeiWei's party plans might have been thwarted, but we celebrate his art and his bravery today!

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