Sunday, November 7, 2010

Liking...Sendra Boots

Sendra, Classic Riding Boot

7457 Riding Boot

8368 Boot

It's getting colder (despite my serious attempts to will winter weather away) and thus the inevitable boot shopping ensues, something I tend to dread. A fan of high heels, I can usually find a few heeled pairs of boots I like; however, I find it nearly impossible to adjust to the bulky look and feel of many flat winter boots. Luckily, this year I stumbled upon a pair of boots I loved- not too chunky, not too sleek and mommish, uber-comfortable (seriously, go try them on!) and classic enough to invest in without buyers remorse. Sendra, while a new brand to me, was founded in 1913 manufacturing quality cowboy boots- now thankfully the brand is moving into fashion footwear, better late than never I say!

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  1. It is interesting to me to note that the words you use in a negative way are age related. You mention yourself as young, which is an entirely unearned, involuntary virtue. You also mention 'mommish'. I think you should start trying to keep up with some of the not-so-youngish moms I knew. I think you would be favourably impressed. Old moms stay privy to a lot of things you can only dream about.