Sunday, May 29, 2011

Like... Platform 5 Architects

A rendering of Infobox, a marketing suite in Liverpool- how cool.

Patrick Mitchell and Peter Allen are the duo behind the truly impressive architecture firm, Platform 5 Architects and although they reside across the pond, I love them so and cross my fingers daily that they’ll land some amazing project stateside—perhaps my future summer home?
Founded in 2006, Platform 5 has rapidly garnered accolades from design publications and quickly added some impressive projects to their growing portfolio. What I like about Mitchell and Allen’s designs are their ability to retain a definite overall aesthetic without becoming cookie-cutter versions of one another. Clean lines, minimal embellishments and elegant concepts are displayed in every project, residential and commercial. I certainly can’t wait to see more from these British gents who in my humble opinion are just getting started!

Mapledene Road, a "crack den" turned modern-meets-period home that's winning all kinds of praise including NLA's Don't Move Improve Award,AJ Small Projects Award, the Grand Designs Award 2009 and was shortlisted for the RIBA Award.

Meadowview is a modern dream home situated in rural Bedfordshire, and while I am not sure what that means, from the looks of it, it's pretty darn swell.

A rear view of Meadowview...

From the side, note the seriously clever wood partition-style fence! 

LOVE the interior at Meadowview- clean and a bit playful with pink wall!

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