Sunday, May 8, 2011

Like... Antoine Watteau

I may be a hopeless romantic but for me spring seems to emit romance. Bare trees are suddenly full and green, cold stale air is newly warm and sweet and of course every block is lined with beautiful blooms that certainly beat the heaping piles of snow that seemed to refuse to melt. So, in honor of spring romance I want to share the work of Antoine Watteau, a man who I am convinced was a fantastic boyfriend to his companion whoever they might have been. Painting the scenes of secret picnics hosted in the clearings of French forests, Watteau is credited with starting the genre fetes galantes, which essentially means he depicted theatrical pastoral scenes. Whimsical and idealistic the paintings leave me starry-eyed and wishing I were one of the fabulously dressed ladies invited on a secret picnic with my friends and a few handsome gentlemen. It should also be noted that Vivienne Westwood was equally enamored with Watteau's work and created a breathtaking number in his honor--naming it the "Watteau" dress. It's so fantastic it now resides in The Victoria and Albert Museum. So with that said, enjoy the dewy, hazy renderings of some truly romantic spring outings.  

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