Friday, January 14, 2011

Love... Valextra Bags

Looks from Valextra's Spring 2011 Collection...

Some women I believe are into labels, and others are into style. If you find yourself falling into the latter category, chances are you're already dying to be carrying one of Valextra's truly special creations on your arm! The brand which was established in 1937 and fell on hard times in the 70s was re-introduced to the world by the smart-minded , and handsome, CEO Massimo Suppancig in 2002. By 2007 Barney's was selling them in loads and their lux status was resumed in the states- after all Jackie O and Grace Kelly toted them during their first hey-day. Perhaps that's why the brand receives so many comparisons to Hermes- that and their similarities in price point, luxury and quality. Unlike Hermes, however, whose Birkin has been tragically over-idolized in popular culture, imitated by every copy-cat designer out there, Valextra's relative "newness" assures a few more years of a truly sophisticated under-the-radar kind of glam every gal longs for! Get familiar, and start saving, these gems are worth the investment!

Classic Valextra bags that are ALWAYS in season...

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